Yoga and Soup Makes For A Great Monday

I meant to write this post on Monday.  And then I meant to write it on Tuesday.  But here I am, at 2:09 Wednesday morning.  I worked nights all weekend, which meant Monday was spent sleeping, grocery shopping, yoga-ing, and tortellini soup making. Then Tuesday was spent sleeping (again), CrossFit-ing, and then working (again).  We just finished a long, involved surgery and I’m debating going to the store to buy a salad. For some reason I’m always hungry at this time of the morning.

I have more I want to write about, but given the fact that it’s so late I’ll just give a quick preview of the workouts I have planned for this week.  The gym is closed Friday and Sunday for Easter, so I moved my running workouts to accommodate for that.  I’m really hoping that I can do the 5km on Sunday!

Monday: 1 hr Power Hour Yoga : a great class as always!

Tuesday: CrossFit: AMRAP 12 min of – 10 dumbbell clean and jerks, 40 double unders (I did 120 singles) and 20 sit ups.  I did 2 rounds + 8 clean and jerks

Wednesday: 3 x 1200m, rest 3 min in between sets
CrossFit/Olympic lifting class

Thursday: CrossFit

Friday: 10 x 30sec max effort, rest 2 min in between sets

Saturday: CrossFit

Sunday: 5km (if everything the rest of the week goes well!)

Hope the start of your week went well, and that everyone has some great Easter plans.

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