Uxbridge Run for the Diamond 5K

I suppose this is a few days late but I’m sure no one expects on time posts from me by now!

I have to say that this race was THE MOST fun I’ve had at a race yet – and I’m not just saying that because it’s my first race post runner’s knee.  When I went to bed on Saturday  night (late!) the weather was calling for low of 2C to a high of 8C – great running weather.  However, upon waking on Sunday morning, it definitely felt a lot colder than that, and the skies were threatening rain.  I dressed in my new bad ass knee socks, shorts, and a tank but I wore a hoodie and brought my Running Room jacket as well, just in case.

We left at 7:45 for the 45 min drive north west, for the 9:20am race start.  The instructions for parking were easy to follow, and there were many volunteers (as well as police directing traffic) to help us find our way.  Everyone was super helpful and pleasant.  Found the chip pick up area fairly easily, and then kinda just stood around waiting for the start.  There was a half marathon, a 10km, the 5km as well as a 300m kids dash (and the kids got to look for Easter eggs after their race!).  Once the walkers had set off, they had a fun warm up for the runners, and everything started on time, which was good because it had started to SNOW while we were waiting! Definitely went with the running jacket instead of just the tank.

I was super nervous as I always am before a race, but I turned on the music and just decided to have fun.  It started off with 300m on the road, and then headed into the woods and onto the trail for the next 3km.  As usual, I started out too fast, and my first km was around the 6min/km mark.

Let me tell you, I was not fully prepared for how much trail running can hurt! There were a lot of uphills and running in loose dirt.  I walked most of the uphills as did just about everyone else.  A woman passed me on one of them and tapped me on the shoulder to tell me she loved my socks.

I walked more than I wanted to, but my endurance still isn’t back to where it was pre-injury.  Once out of the woods, there were 2km on the paved golf cart paths of the golf course – I managed to pick up my pace there and started passing people (big ego boost for me).  I crossed the finish line in 35:09, which is 20 seconds slower than my previous 5km time, but not bad for my first race back and my first ever trail run.  I was 20/45 in my age group, and 75/164 in my gender.  The finisher medals were nice, and they had water, Clif bars, and all natural sports drinks at the finish.  I grabbed a water and a Clif bar, and then we were outta there.

The little expo in the parking lot was cute, and had a lot to offer like pizza, popcorn, massage, etc, and if it hadn’t been snowing I would have stuck around to check it out.  Over all, it was a great experience and I will definitely attend this race next year – hopefully in the 10km or the half marathon.

photo (21)

Tri training started this week, too – but I’ll leave that for another post!

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