Tri Training Tuesday

You like that alliteration, don’t you? I’m so clever.

Happy May 1! I can’t believe it’s May already – it still seems like New Years was just here.  Time moves way too quickly for me these days.

May means – eye doctor and therefore new glasses, one month closer to my June specialist appointment, VACATION at the end of the month, and yes, one month closer to my try-a-tri.

Uh so I attempted to swim last week.  Attempted because I got dressed in my suit and went to the community centre pool (yes I did wear normal clothes over top of my suit, it is Canada and still cold here) at 10:30 like the times indicated for lane swim.  Although on this particular day they had decided to change it to 11:30.  So I left and came back at 11:30.  But there were no lanes put up, and the lane pool was full of older people (and a gentleman in a wheel chair?) and thus not conducive to swimming laps.  So I went home and had a nap instead.

This week I have a new plan of attack – I’m going to go to a different pool, at 7am, and hope that I can beat the crowd. And that maybe they’ll have lanes set up.

My training for this week will hopefully look something like this:

Monday – rest (I was just lazy, and tired from working 3 overnights in a row)
Tuesday – Run + CrossFit
Wednesday – Bike + CrossFit
Thursday – Swim + CrossFit
Friday – Run + CrossFit
Saturday – Bike + CrossFit (or just CrossFit – and if so then Sunday will be Bike)

I’m still not sure how many workouts a day is normal – I feel like a crazy person scheduling 3 in a day, but I’m hardly running 19miles, and I’m used to doing 2 a day fairly often.  If anything the CrossFit will go from 5 to 4 days this week, but I really need to get the 2 bikes and 2 runs in (oh and the swim, clearly).

Things I have learned so far:
- my bathing suit doesn’t look that bad on
- I’d really like a funky suit – kinda like this:
- I need a new bike!!

On another topic – I was chosen to become a FitFluential Ambassador! I’m very excited to be joining the ranks of other inspiring, fit, like-minded ambassadors. 

Not sure what FitFluential is? Check out their site at and read the “About Us” and “Ambassadors” sections.  I’m really flattered and honoured to be chosen!

Now back to bed for a nap (hard life, I know, but I work again tonight) then off for a run and then the gym.  Apparently we are doing Fran today – I’m going to be so sore tomorrow!


Pull ups

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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