What I Love Wednesday

I decided to start having this weekly feature of things I love.  They could be purchasable things, inanimate things, photos, a kind word, etc.

Also, for the few people that read this that know me IRL (hint Mom and Shawn), these posts could serve as excellent birthday, Christmas, you’re-an-awesome-daughter/wife present list.

1. Lululemon Swimwear.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I’ve seen some pictures online over the last few days and while I’m not totally sold on it yet, I can definitely see myself purchasing a suit. Why not? Also with the 360 Rashguard top, I can totally see that being a good addition to my triathlon swim outfit…right?

2.  The J’adore Hardcore tank from Run Pretty Far. Super cute.

3. BIC Bands. I currently have 4 minnie sparkle ones, and can’t wait to add more to the collection. Love sparkles.

4. This picture:

photo (22)

Because Rocky is just so darn cute.

5. The fact that I not only PR’d my deadlift last week (215lbs baby) but I PR’d my clean yesterday at 100lbs as well!

6. Anything, and I mean anything, from the Tough Chik website! Especially the tri tanks. Oh and the tri shorts. Love it!

So tell me – what is something that you love today?

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2 thoughts on “What I Love Wednesday

  1. The chai latte that I rewarded myself with after my morning workout. I pushed really hard with kettlebells and the gravity machines and just kept thinking about how amazing the first sip would be!

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