Silencing the Inner Critic

I managed to get out for my run yesterday, in the brief reprise between the thunderstorms of the day.  I did a 5km route from my house and finished it a bit faster than my 5km the other weekend.  My problem isn’t the speed when I’m running – it’s that I don’t have the endurance to stay running for very long (either that or I talk myself out of continuing – “Oh it would just be easier to walk right now” or “You deserve a break”).  I’m always my own worst enemy.

photo (23)
(I swear that really wasn’t my pace haha)

And the best news of all – I went to a different community pool and I finally SWAM. I ended up doing 12 25m laps for a total of 300m.

So I know how to swim – I took lessons when I was younger, and grew up with a pool in the backyard, so the concept of swimming isn’t foreign to me, but apparently I have zero cardio when it comes to the pool.  After the first few laps I wanted to give up, like seriously wanted to get out of the pool, go home, and completely forget about the triathlon.

But I didn’t.  I changed my stroke (from freestyle to breast stroke) and continued to plug away at the laps.  And I got it done. But, like the run, I am definitely my own worst enemy, and have a lot of trouble silencing my inner critic.  I get in my own way more than my body fails me.  My body is strong and willing, but my mind is weak and stubborn.  I believe I could be a better athlete if I could just tell myself to shut up sometimes.  This is why running with music is so important to me – it distracts me from my thoughts, to a degree, and I’m less likely to self sabotage.  But clearly, I need more coping strategies if I’m going to improve.

photo (24)
(See? I went swimming! I need a cooler swim cap though)

That being said, I’m proud of my double day and I’m even more determined to get better in the pool.  Two swims on schedule for next week!

In CrossFit news, we did the CrossFit total today:

The CrossFit Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the squat, the press, and the deadlift. (Source)

I was a little disappointed with my squat effort – 145lbs.  The last time I did a 1 rep max at the squat I got 150, but I know now that I definitely wasn’t going deep enough (ass to the grass!) so at least this time my form was way better. I also deadlifted 215lbs again, and was so tempted to go for 220 but decided to give my body a break.  I only pressed 60lbs – I totally lack upper body strength. Added up my total was 420lbs! Not too shabby.

We have a killer workout on tap for tomorrow, and I hope to grab a little video of it to share with you!

Have a great Friday night and a fabulous weekend!

How do you silence your inner critic? Do you have any mantras that help you get through the mental rough spots?

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3 thoughts on “Silencing the Inner Critic

  1. If I’m wanting to walk, I try to just slow down the running just a little bit. I often remind myself that “walking is not that much easier” or “suck it up, buttercup”. My newest mantra is “run fast. take risks”.

    Great job on the double!

  2. Swimming is a completely different workout from running. One of the best things you can do is determine your breathing pattern now .. IE: breather every 3 strokes, or every 4, etc. It’s one of the best full-body cardio workouts you can find and totally gets easier with time. I was a swim coach once upon a time haha.

    Great job at getting your workouts in!

  3. Do you do intervals when you run? I teach some running clinics and we always do intervals as it helps gradually build up your strength and endurance. I agree with the other comments in regards to swimming…it is SOOO different from running. I was training for a marathon and could run for 3+ hours, but barely do 2 laps in a pool!
    I quiet my inner critic knowing that no matter how slow I go, or how many times I want to stop…I am beating everyone still sitting on the couch!

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