Tri Training Tuesday #2

It is a gross and rainy day this morning here in Southern Ontario, which means my planned run for this morning is going to be a little wet! I have decided to stop being such a diva and stop avoiding runs in the rain.

Last week’s training didn’t go completely as planned – missed a bike ride, but did get a swim in! This week I have 2 runs, 2 bikes and 2 swims planned.  The schedule kinda looks like this:

Monday – 6km bike
Tuesday – interval run + CrossFit
Wednesday – CrossFit + swim
Thursday – bike + swim + CrossFit (I have the day off…)
Friday – “long run” of 6km + CrossFit

I have to cram all my workouts into 5 days since I work Saturday and Sunday, 12 hour days.  I really want to get 2 bikes and 2 swims in this week in order to boost my confidence in both.  I need to start building my base for running again, too, because I still want to run the Limberlost trail run in July, but most importantly:

I signed up for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October!

I’m really hoping that my training will be solid and my knee will hold up, which means I am analyzing all the training plans I received yesterday and am trying to figure out the best way to proceed.  I have a few months to build my base before training really begins, so I’m not too worried about the training plan yet.   I do plan on keeping up with yoga, stretching and foam rolling in order to keep my IT band and knee in check.

I hope everyone’s week is going well!

Do you run or workout in the rain? What’s one thing you need to have in order to make working out in the rain more pleasant?

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