The Weekend in Pictures

…and video, too!

It was (and still technically is!) a long weekend in Canada, and Shawn and I were both lucky enough to have Friday off.  We piled the dogs in the car and headed up to the cottage early Friday afternoon for a few nights.

There was swimming.

And sleeping.



And some stick chewing.


There was also some running (please be kind! It’s weird talking to myself)

On Sunday we headed home late morning in order to head to the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park to see my first NASCAR race.  We stayed for about an hour, and watched probably only 10-15 minutes of the race (they do go around the same circle for 51 laps!) but it was definitely more interesting than watching it on TV.

There were pretty cars.






LOUD cars.

BBQ pulled pork for Shawn (I had fries – I like my pigs alive!)


The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing and planning our front garden as well as our veggie garden! I’m going to stop by the garden centre today to pick up the perennials and some of the veggies we want to grow from plants.  Last year we planted too many tomato plants and it kind of went wild.  Hopefully this year the garden is a little more controlled!

How was your weekend? If it’s a long weekend for you, how are you spending it?

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2 thoughts on “The Weekend in Pictures

  1. Loved your vlog!! I think CFE workouts like that will help you increase your speed. I also have a black lab that has a hard time running in the heat. Well, that, and it seems like she gets bored with running (can’t appreciate it, pshh!).

    • Aw thank you! I liked your vlog too but haven’t had the chance to comment yet! I like the CFE workouts, they challenge me in a different way and I’m not bored!

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