Healthy Living While on Vacation–revisited

We’re back!

We arrived back in Ontario Thursday night at about 11:30pm after about a half hour delay.

I gotta say, I really miss the mountains, the lack of humidity, and the gorgeous temperatures. 




As for my goal to stay committed to healthy living while I was away, I would give myself a 60-75%.  I got in 4 workouts, plus a hike, and hours of walking, so my exercise goal was definitely met. 

Eating healthy, however – I didn’t eat healthy as much as I’d originally intended, but I didn’t go fully off the rails (except for the Jelly Belly jelly beans – but they are virtually impossible to resist).  So I consider that goal partially met. 

I did make Shawn and I a smoothie in our hotel!

photo (46)

As I posted here and here, I did a few travel WODs in my hotel, either in the room or in the tiny gym of the hotel.

photo (47)

This is the one I did last Monday:


On Wednesday I made a visit to CrossFit Calgary and met with Leigh.  It was great to finally meet her in person and to have a familiar person to do the WOD with!

The workout was:

5 Rope Climbs
50 push presses
1000m row

I did ok with the rope climbs – the first one I got 3/4 of the way up the rope, the second 1/2, and the remaining ones way less than 1/2! But my arms were toast then.

I did 20 of the push presses at 65lbs, and the remaining at 55lbs, and my row was great! It was a hard workout and I loved it.

Leigh 1

I wish it was vacation all the time…but back to the real world…oh and a triathlon this weekend, too!

Last week I asked about your dream vacation – this time, what is the best vacation you’ve ever been on? And why?

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3 thoughts on “Healthy Living While on Vacation–revisited

  1. Great work remembering the healthy stuff on your trip! Im headed to colorado for two weeks of family and fun on Thursday. I have a plan and great intentions. wonder what grade you will give me?!

  2. I agree, it was fun to workout with someone else and to meet you! I think you did pretty good working out while on vacation….I always say I will and then never do

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