Tri Training Tuesday & Weekend Recap

It was a long weekend here in Canada, so I spent Saturday and Sunday at the cottage.  The dogs were busy (sunbathing and sleeping).

photo (64)

photo (65)

On Monday we went and saw the movie ‘Ted”,  which was both hilarious and heart warming.  I loved the little inside “Family Guy” jokes that were thrown in there as well.  It was a lot of fun!

Onto the training – week one in the books!

As I said before, I did a track training work out last Monday, and open water swim on Wednesday.  I also finally made my return to CrossFit after this wicked illness, and had 2 good WODs on Friday and Saturday.

Saturday’s workout was brutal though.  It was really hot out, and we did the workout in the parking lot.  I felt faint for a lot of the workout, so opted to just go slower and take more breaks.  This was the workout:

photo (66)

We did 135# for the prowler pushes, and 15# for the ball slams.  I ended up doing air squats for the last 3 rounds.  My hamstrings were so sore on Sunday – the prowler is no joke!

This week’s training looks something like this:

Monday – CrossFit
Tuesday – CrossFit/Yoga
Wednesday – CrossFit/Swim
Thursday – Bike/Run (Maybe CrossFit)
Friday – Swim/CrossFit

I work this weekend so there will be no workouts scheduled, so I gotta cram everything in to the 5 days this week. 

As for swimming I’m hoping to build endurance in the pool, so that the distance is less daunting for me next time (since the open water part will be taken care of with the tri club).  I found this workout online and will be using it both times I swim this week:


Alas, no tri club for me this week at all – there was no practice last night due to the Canada Day holiday, and I work Wednesday night this week and Saturday so I miss both open water swims.  I’ll make up for it next week though, since I can go to both swims (Wednesdays are just swimming, while Saturdays are swim/bike). 

I hope all my Canadian friends had a great holiday weekend, and I hope my American friends enjoy their 4th of July holiday!

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2 thoughts on “Tri Training Tuesday & Weekend Recap

  1. I’m considering cross fit , went for 6 sessions, got injured, had to take lots of time off, and all your posts may me want to go back. It’s so embarassing because I am so weak. I can barely lift anything and can’t do any of the moves, but I’m telling myself I will never get better if I don’t push myself.

    • It’s so true, you can’t improve unless you work on it! Everyone has to start somewhere – I wasn’t strong when I started, and lord knows I’m not that much stronger now! You can do it! If you have any other questions please let me know, I’d be happy to help you out

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