Exercise Vs. Training–Why do YOU workout?

A conversation I had on Twitter last night kinda got me thinking.

There are plenty of workouts I could do at home – both general and CrossFit WODs, and yet I still choose to pay to attend classes at my gym.  I know I could get an excellent workout at home using bodyweight movements (until I convince Shawn to clean out the garage to make me a gym!). I know I could maintain my weight and save money by working out at home.  So why don’t I?

When I first started this weight loss journey, each workout was to get moving and to burn calories.  Of course I still picked activities I liked – RPM, BodyPump, yoga, running – but the ultimate goal was weight loss.

In the last year this approach to working out has changed.  When I step foot into the gym, or get on my bike or in the pool, I’m not immediately thinking “How many calories will I burn?” Instead, it’s more “How will this workout get me stronger, faster, closer to my goals?”.  I’m more interested in training  rather than exercising

So this is why I choose to still pay monthly to go to a CrossFit gym – I know I could exercise on my own, but I don’t think I could train on my own – I wouldn’t push myself to add weight, fix my form, or do scary things like handstands if I was doing it by myself.  It’s also why, for next season, I will hopefully get a triathlon coach – to help me figure out my weaknesses and to work on those.

Yesterday’s awesome WOD:

5×5 front squats

12 minute AMRAP
10 back squats (95#)
200m run

Front squats were 45 – 55 – 65 – 75 – 95 and then I did 2 at 105 (probably should have done all 5 but I wimped out).  I did the WOD rx’d and got 4 rounds plus 10 more squats. My quads hate me today.

Oh yeah – I also signed up for a CrossFit team competition (or was signed up for one?) yesterday for September 22!! Another reason to train and get after it in the gym the  next month.


So tell me – do you workout for exercise or are you training? Is there a difference to you?

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14 thoughts on “Exercise Vs. Training–Why do YOU workout?

  1. I have been “exercising” for years. I teach fitness and love it. Just recently, I have decided to start training to see my strength build. I think both are great, but training gives us even more reasons to keep coming back! Congrats on the competition!

  2. Happy Birthday! Were you keeping that a secret?

    I think I workout. Although I do like doing classes and having an instructor to motivate me to push harder. I’ve gotten a little better about working out on my own, but I know I don’t push myself quite as hard as I could.

    Good luck on the competition! Those Cross Fit Team events are awesome!!

  3. I’m definitely more interested in training– I like to push myself to run farther or faster, to do one more burpee, etc. Exercise has never been a weight loss thing for me. I just love the way it makes me feel and how my head is so clear afterwards!

  4. I am training but I am also just being “me.” Some people like to draw, others like to read. For me, it’s getting my booty to the gym. I agree-I COULD just work out at home but I much prefer the gym. Nothing gets my motivation higher and my endorphins running faster. I used to “work out” for the calorie burn. Now I train to become stronger each and every day. :)

  5. Happy birthday!

    I workout all the time – for fitness, for mental health, for a break from my children, to feel good about myself, to challenge myself. During that time, I like to try new things to have more fun. Sometimes I train, either for an event or purpose and then I tend to focus on the workouts that take me closer to whatever goal I have.

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