Dear Scale – You’re History

I did a dumb thing on Monday. Yeah, even dumber than normal.

I let the scale dictate how I felt about myself.

I haven't been weighing myself very often anymore, instead going by measurements and how I look and feel. This is a huge improvement, as when I was actively trying to lose weight I weighed myself at minimum once a week, and most likely every day. It was an unhealthy relationship that I thought I'd ended.

So Monday morning I decided to torture myself and see where I was at, and boom. Instant self esteem plunge. Over a couple of pounds.

I completely overreacted, and determined that I would have to start counting calories again in order to get things back under control, instead of rationalizing the reasoning behind the perceived gain. I'm proud to say that that lasted a total of 2 days. Calorie counting is so not for me.

And guess what? Less than a day after weighing myself and having this freak out on Monday, I was already down 2 lbs. Just goes to show that the scale is a no good, dirty rotten liar.

As of right now I'm officially breaking up with the scale. Now this doesn't mean I won't weigh myself once a month, but it does mean that I won't put up with its bullying, and I won't let the stupid number on the scale define me, or who I am or what I can do.

Besides….I'll never get my 300lb deadlift if all I'm worried about is losing 'weight'. Bring on the muscles and the PRs baby.



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3 thoughts on “Dear Scale – You’re History

  1. I had a morning like that today. I know, I know it really shouldn’t bother me but I did. But that’s what I get for eating two cupcakes yesterday right? They were so good though!

  2. I have mornings like that all the time, but the best feeling is when you PR a lift and realize that every inch and every pound on your body got you there, and so then you love every inch and every pound :-) Keep your head up, you rock!

  3. Yargh. I absolutely HATE the scale. I fell victim to those numbers several years ago. While I didn’t have a eating disorder I definitely had mental issues with the food/scale/exercise. The other day I almost hopped on again but talked myself off of the ledge. Not worth it. I say you and I both break up from the dreaded scale.

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