Training Thursday

Oops…Thursday, not Tuesday again.

Quick recap of the last week:

Friday – Fran PR!

The first time I did Fran I didn't used the prescribed weights. The second time I did, and added 3 minutes to my time. This time I did it with the prescribed weights again and shaved that 3 minutes back off my time, very happy with that time! I'm still using bands for my pull ups, but hopefully I won't have to use them much longer.

Saturday – 10km long run. Could call this a shuffle, even. It was horrible but I got it done. 12km on the plan for tomorrow. Getting up earlier and trying new fueling options to hopefully prevent the shuffle from happening again.

Sunday – 2 hour skills clinic at the gym. We worked for the first half on gymnastics – handstands, kipping, ring dips, muscle ups (um I am no where near muscle ups so did not remotely attempt). The second half was more my style – new back squat PR, snatch drills, 7 minute snatch workout and a 7 minute clean&jerk workout. If only I could just power and Oly lift for the rest of my life, I'd be a happy girl.

Monday and Tuesday – rest days cuz I had other fun things to do (recaps tomorrow).

Wednesday – 4.5km run followed by a short 5min home WOD (3 rounds 10 weighted air squats, 10 weighted sit ups and 10 push ups then 1 min plank).

Thursday – CrossFit. Found out I can push press 85#. I intended to do clean and jerks for the ground to overhead portion of the WOD but apparently the push press was happening. Not too shabby since I don't think I've done 85#, ever, and I did it 18 times (the last 2 were split jerks).

The next week is going to be sporadic, as I work this weekend and then am traveling for a conference next weekend. I've moved my run schedule around to accommodate the travel (yay for hotel treadmills) and will be dropping into a local CrossFit for a couple of workouts as well. I will also be pool lounging when I am not learning. Combining learning and relaxing is my kinda business trip.

If you could do only one form of exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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