Guilty Pleasures

First of all thanks for all the love on my last post.  I’m in a much better place today than I was over the summer and I hope to keep it that way.  I’ve finally acknowledged that I’m not really in control of this disease, and it’s really freeing to be able to stop trying to control it and failing. If that makes any sense.

Yesterday I meet with a physiotherapist who works with The Arthritis Society of Canada.  It was a brief meeting but he was pleased with my progress and that I am pretty much normal (never thought anyone would ever describe me as normal) other than the decreased range of motion in my right wrist.  I’m a little pissed it hasn’t gotten 100% better so I can’t bench press or do push ups and any Olympic lifting is pretty  much out of the question.  BUT again, this is the new normal, and I can work and function in daily life “normally” so this is a great improvement.  My grip strength in my hands has improved and I have some exercises to do to maintain my current range of motion in my wrist and the rest of my body.  And I got confirmation that my new rhematologist is pretty awesome, which I already knew of course.

Enough about my broken body. Did you know that Canadian NetFlix (which has been seriously lagging behind American NetFlix) now has DAWSON’S CREEK on it?? I hated that show when it was on but started watching it in reruns after it was over and got hooked.  I fully admit that when we went to Florida in May I was almost as excited to watch a few episodes of DC as I was to lounge on the beach.

That got me thinking – what are my current favourite guilty pleasures?

1. Dawson’s Creek.  I still do not like Dawson but I do still love Pacey.  Pacey for LIFE.

Oh Josh Jackson how I love you still


2. 80′s hair metal.  No that’s a lie, all 80′s music is amazing.

3. Christmas lights.  An extraordinary amount of Christmas lights.

And since the I’m Fit Possible ‘Tis The Season campaign is all about taking time for yourself and indulging, even just a little bit, I am definitely taking some time to indulge in these guilty pleasures.  Maybe not all at once, though.

What are your favourite (yes, with a U) guilty pleasures? And how do you plan to take some time for yourself this holiday season?


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4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. I don’t wanna wait…for our lives to be overrrrrr. I used to LOVE Friday nights for Dawson’s Creek purposes. I remember bawwwling when they killed his dad off the show. (spoiler alert). xo

  2. Dawson’s Creek is epic; loved it! And I agree, canadian netflix is seriously lacking.

    My current guilty pleasures are chocolate-orange Lindt, Hart of Dixie on DVD, and Macklemore on repeat.

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