Heart & Courage

Happy Boxing Day (or day-after-Christmas, whichever! I’m just happy it’s a holiday here and I don’t have to go back to work until tomorrow).

Since this was the first Christmas after we moved, we trekked back home on Christmas eve to celebrate with our families.  Our visit was a whirlwind, with three turkey dinners and lots of family time.  It was great to see everyone, but next year we are looking forward to spending the holidays here at home and (hopefully!) having our families visit us instead.


BIG NEWS!!  Last Friday I got an early Christmas present:  Coeur Sports announced their ambassador team and somehow (I’m still sure it is a mistake of some kind) I was one of those chosen to represent Coeur in 2014.  How cool is that?!

When I first heard about Coeur Sports I fell in love with their designs but what really drew me to the brand was their reasoning behind the name (Coeur being French for heart):

“…Its also about heart. Heart is about digging deep and being mentally tough. Heart is what gets you to the finish line when all the body wants to do is lay down.  Heart is at the center of the community and the friendships you find in sport. Heart is what makes you give back to the community that has given you so much.” 

When I applied I put it all out there – I know I’m middle of the pack (when I’m healthy), that I’m coming off a less than stellar racing year, and that I’m still the very essence of new to both running and triathlon.  But as the ladies behind Coeur put it in their welcome letter to all of us:

“At Coeur, we can all remember when we first started the journey into endurance sports. There were the inevitable failures, feelings of insecurity and points where it would have been easier to stop. For almost all of us, there was someone who provided encouragement at just the right time, to get us over the hump and on our way. It is our dream that everyone who is wearing Coeur will endeavor to be “that person.””

Just being included on this team has inspired me to do Big Things in 2014.  2013 broke me and I’m not ashamed to admit a lot of this year was spent in a dimly lit place. But I’ve also proven to myself that I have heart, and that it takes a lot more than an autoimmune disorder to keep me from accomplishing my goals.

A week later and the shock hasn’t worn off yet.  I’m now part of a group of incredible women, who are REAL athletes and have completed marathons, multiple Ironman events, and are super fit and fast.  I gotta admit, I’m more than a little intimidated by my teammates and their accomplishments, but they have been nothing but supportive, encouraging and beyond inspiring. 

I’m more than grateful for this opportunity and support, and I look forward to representing in 2014!





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9 thoughts on “Heart & Courage

  1. Thrilled to be representing a great brand together…and I’m excited to have a fellow dog-lover in the team (I’ve got two little guys myself). Great post, and cheers to 2014!

  2. very cool news! Congratulations, and remember you were SELECTED for that team just as the rest of the girls were so be proud! Hope you suck all the inspiration you can out of it for a great 2014.

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