What I Love Wednesday (On Thursday)

Ok, it’s a day late – so I can’t call it What I Love Wednesday. So maybe today we’ll call it – Things I Love Thursday?

1. This kettlebell necklace from Fashletics.  All of their jewellery is lovely, and I love their socks too! One day I’ll order something from them!

2. The new all day hydration from Nuun.  It’s a great idea – less “stuff” than the regular Nuun, so it’s great to drink all day long and not just to replenish during or after exercise.  Can’t wait till it’s available in Canada (or they start to ship from their website to Canada!) Really want to try the grapefruit-orange.

3. This. I always love this <3

photo (41)

4. Iced mocha, skim milk no whipped cream from McDonald’s.  After working there for 5 years, and after my body transformation, I don’t eat there anymore, but I AM addicted to their iced mocha.  So delicious!

5. This weather! How can you not love summer? So many people are complaining about the heat, but they are the same people that complain about the cold and snow.  This is Canada, people – in Southern Ontario we have cold winters and hot summers! I for one am very happy with the warm weather, although it means early morning runs to beat the heat.

What are you loving today?

What I Love Wednesday #3

In case you missed a post:

What I Love Wednesday
What I Love Wednesday #2

1. Saucony Kinvaras. No I have not tried them. But I am enamoured by my Progrid Guide 4s – they are the shoes I went to after my injury and they have treated me pretty well so far. Plus, they are pretty.


I like pink, ok? I hope to try a pair of the Kinvaras some day, as I still dream of progressing towards a more barefoot style of running.

2. Erin Condren Personalized iPhone cases.  Just how CUTE are these? I want so many of them! Alas, my wallet does not wish for me to have many let alone one.  But a girl can dream.

3. Richard Cheese – he takes popular rock, hip hop, pop songs and turns them into jazz/lounge songs. So. Freaking. Hilarious. Please watch. It makes me so happy. (For those that don’t know, this is a cover of the Rage Against the Machine song, “Killing in the Name Of”.


4.  My brother’s cat, Ginsberg.  He plays fetch (ohh now THAT would have been a good video) and is just very sweet.

photo (37)


5. The fact that in TWO WEEKS I will be on vacation! I cannot WAIT!


What are you loving most today?

What I Love Wednesday #2

1. Nike Free Run 3.0 – they are cute, and more minimalist which is where I would like to go with my running shoes.  Plus the Nike website has an option to customize the colour and look of your shoes – how cool is that?

2. The show “My Boys”. Rediscovered it on Netflix the other day and have been powering through it.  It’s not Emmy material (evidenced by its cancellation after 4 seasons) but it’s entertaining and does make me laugh out loud quite often.

3. The sweet cream ice cream (with Nerds candy or fresh raspberries) from Marble Slab Creamery. Honestly the best ice cream I have ever tasted.

4. My new boots. Thank you Payless!

photo (31)

5. My buddy Carlos.  He must not venture outside during the winter because we haven’t seen him in a long time.  He is the neatest cat – knows his name and follows you up and down the street and comes running when you call him.  He’s basically awesome.

photo (30)

What are you loving today?

What I Love Wednesday

I decided to start having this weekly feature of things I love.  They could be purchasable things, inanimate things, photos, a kind word, etc.

Also, for the few people that read this that know me IRL (hint Mom and Shawn), these posts could serve as excellent birthday, Christmas, you’re-an-awesome-daughter/wife present list.

1. Lululemon Swimwear.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I’ve seen some pictures online over the last few days and while I’m not totally sold on it yet, I can definitely see myself purchasing a suit. Why not? Also with the 360 Rashguard top, I can totally see that being a good addition to my triathlon swim outfit…right?

2.  The J’adore Hardcore tank from Run Pretty Far. Super cute.

3. BIC Bands. I currently have 4 minnie sparkle ones, and can’t wait to add more to the collection. Love sparkles.

4. This picture:

photo (22)

Because Rocky is just so darn cute.

5. The fact that I not only PR’d my deadlift last week (215lbs baby) but I PR’d my clean yesterday at 100lbs as well!

6. Anything, and I mean anything, from the Tough Chik website! Especially the tri tanks. Oh and the tri shorts. Love it!

So tell me – what is something that you love today?