Healthy Living While on Vacation–revisited

We’re back!

We arrived back in Ontario Thursday night at about 11:30pm after about a half hour delay.

I gotta say, I really miss the mountains, the lack of humidity, and the gorgeous temperatures. 




As for my goal to stay committed to healthy living while I was away, I would give myself a 60-75%.  I got in 4 workouts, plus a hike, and hours of walking, so my exercise goal was definitely met. 

Eating healthy, however – I didn’t eat healthy as much as I’d originally intended, but I didn’t go fully off the rails (except for the Jelly Belly jelly beans – but they are virtually impossible to resist).  So I consider that goal partially met. 

I did make Shawn and I a smoothie in our hotel!

photo (46)

As I posted here and here, I did a few travel WODs in my hotel, either in the room or in the tiny gym of the hotel.

photo (47)

This is the one I did last Monday:


On Wednesday I made a visit to CrossFit Calgary and met with Leigh.  It was great to finally meet her in person and to have a familiar person to do the WOD with!

The workout was:

5 Rope Climbs
50 push presses
1000m row

I did ok with the rope climbs – the first one I got 3/4 of the way up the rope, the second 1/2, and the remaining ones way less than 1/2! But my arms were toast then.

I did 20 of the push presses at 65lbs, and the remaining at 55lbs, and my row was great! It was a hard workout and I loved it.

Leigh 1

I wish it was vacation all the time…but back to the real world…oh and a triathlon this weekend, too!

Last week I asked about your dream vacation – this time, what is the best vacation you’ve ever been on? And why?

Vacation Workouts

We arrived in Calgary Thursday morning, 10:30am local time.  By the time we got our car (most horrible rental car experience, ever) it was around noon.  We toured around Calgary for a bit, stopped at an Atmosphere store (still love the Merrell barefoot shoes – soon, soon!) and had Extreme Pita for lunch.

We made it to Canmore, where we are staying until Tuesday, and spent the afternoon exploring the town. 



We had a great dinner at the Grizzly Paw, a restaurant and microbrewery.  They make their own beer as well as their own soda.  The soda is not caffeinated, and contains 1/3 the sugar of regular pop.  I had grapefruit, and it was delicious and refreshing. IMG_2274


IMG_2273Today we drove through the Kootnay National Park to Radium Hot Springs.  We had read that there was a good chance of seeing wildlife on this road, and we were not disappointed.



The hot springs were awesome – there are 2 pools, the “cool” pool and the “hot” pool.  The cool pool has a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius and the hot pool has a temperature of 39 degrees! It was so warm that we didn’t stay in the water for much longer than 25 minutes.

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving around Canmore, up to Spray Lakes (which is 1500 feet higher than the town of Canmore and about 20km away) and even the Nordic Olympic Centre, where part of the 1988 Olympics were held.

After dinner at the hotel restaurant, I grudgingly headed down to the tiny hotel gym for a CrossFit workout.  Since the gym doesn’t have much equipment, I originally intended to do this workout:

travel wod

But after thinking more about it I decided to go with this one instead:travelwod1

I changed the push jerks to push presses, and used two 20lb dumbbells and the workout took me 10:54.  The hardest part of the workout, as always, was the push presses.  I have so little upper body strength still and it sucks!

Tomorrow we are renting mountain bikes and exploring Banff! Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in a WOD before or after our excursion, too. 

I hope everyone had a great week and that you have an even better weekend!

What is your dream vacation?