Vacation Plans

Vacation countdown – 3 more sleeps!

I haven’t been away since last April, and Shawn and I haven’t been away together since last January.  This vacation is definitely due.


We sure know how to pack a lot into 8 days. We are visiting Radium Hot Springs, mountain biking and hiking in Banff, hiking to a tea house in Lake Louise, and I plan on going to CrossFit Calgary for a WOD too, as well as trying to see all the friends we have in the area.

I was a little worried about maintaining my workouts and eating habits (such as they are) while on vacation.  Now that we have planned it out a bit more, I shouldn’t have a problem with exercise, what with the hiking, biking, and CrossFit.  I’d like to run while I’m out there, too.

As for eating – our hotel does not offer breakfast, and while there are restaurants near by I don’t want to rely on eating out for all 3 meals every day for a week.  To combat this, I have decided to:

- bring my Magic Bullet blender to make smoothies
- bring protein power for smoothies as well as a snack between meals (and while hiking)
- stock the fridge in our hotel room with fruit, yogurt, granola bars and other healthy snacks
- make good choices while eating out

I know that I could not workout for the week and eat whatever I wanted and it would still be ok, but I know I won’t feel well if I eat like crap 3 meals a day and since we’ve planned such an active vacation, I want to make sure we are fuelled properly for 3-4 hours hikes in the mountains.  I’m not a perfect eater (really, who is??) so if I’m at least thinking about it while I’m away I have a better chance of not going off the deep end completely. 

What are your tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on vacation?