Three Thing Thursday

1. I’ve been super stressed out this week due to ongoing family troubles.  I actually have no reason to be stressed but it’s my natural tendency to stress out about anything and everything.  Due to this I haven’t been sleeping well, and my workouts are suffering, and now I’m worried I’m either getting sick, or have allergies, or have some sort of acid reflux issue.  Add hypochondria to my never ending list of problems please.

2. The post injury “come back” race is this Sunday.  I’m looking forward to running on trails and enjoying running again.  Of course, I have a time in mind I’d like to finish by, but since I haven’t done a lot of 5km running in the past few weeks I’ll be happy to finish standing, not limping, and with a smile on my face.


3.  I may have pressed “submit” on my registration for the Guelph Lake Try-A-Tri this morning.  Looks like the next few months will be full of swim-bike-run goodness.  The distances are short – 375m swim, 10km bike and 2.5km run.  All distances I know I can handle, but I need practice in the swim and bike.  So as of Monday morning I’m going to shove myself into my sausage swim suit and try not to look like a whale, and dust off the ol’ mountain bike and try to make this 10km bike less disgustingly difficult than the duathlon I did last September.