All Dressed Up And No Where To Go

I had a gym date tonight that never happened. This made me sad.

See? This is my sad face. Or perturbed. One or the other.

Oh, I dressed up all right, and even drove to the Body Boomers a few towns over to meet a friend of mine who is a member there.  Earlier in the fall I purchased a DealFind voucher for 30 classes as well as unlimited gym access before and after classes for a local Body Boomers.  Apparently, however, I had made it for a different location so didn’t bring the voucher with me.

I then attempted to sign up for the 7 day free pass they advertise online, however they have to approve your information first before they will send you the pass. Not sure how they are going to approve my name or email address, but ok.

I decided to risk it and head over to meet my friend anyway.  I filled her in on everything when we met up, and she shook her head when I told her I left the voucher at home. ANYWAY my slowness aside, we tried to get me into the gym but to no avail.  I was told that the guest pass was $20!!! Which, to me, is a little crazy.  I have paid $6.50 for the local rec centre, and $10 for GoodLife (I LOVE GoodLife, even still, can never talk that gym up enough. I miss it!) but $20 seems excessive for 30 min on the treadmill and maybe the use of some of the free weights. So I called it a night and came home.

I guess I really do need a rest day after yesterday, my body is sore and I am tired.  But I don’t feel complete without a workout nowadays. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day and  I plan on finally activating my voucher at the Body Boomers closest to me to get a spin class in, then hit up my Crossfit gym before I head to work.  Today made me realize just how much I love my Crossfit gym and the whole Crossfit mentality compared to the “globo” gyms (other than GoodLife – again I LOVED it there and would still be there if I could afford both memberships).

Time for stretching, relaxing and old school 90210. Oh Kelly, how can you  be so BLIND?