Return to Running and Lifting Heavy

Hello and Happy Easter weekend to those that celebrate it! Hope the Easter bunny is good to everyone Winking smile

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Yesterday I started my return to running.  I did one of the CrossFit Endurance workouts, 3 x 1200m with 3 min of walking in between.  In total I covered 4.08km in 30 min, which I am very happy with for my first “long” run back.  I didn’t go balls to the wall like CFE suggests for my intervals, instead I started with what I thought was a slow comfortable pace.  However, when I glanced down at my Garmin I had a 6:30/km pace going – which was my faster pace before I got injured.  Maybe it’s true what they say, when you fix what’s broken you become a faster runner? We will see – I have 5km on the agenda tomorrow and I truly do intend to take this one slow and easy.  My knees were pretty good yesterday – my bad knee (the right one) gave me no issues, and I had just a bit of tightness on the outside of my left knee.  I foam rolled twice yesterday and my IT band on the left is definitely “lumpier” aka has more adhesions than the right one.  I will keep stretching and foam rolling it out over the next few days and hopefully this will fix it.

This morning my friend and I did a partner WOD at the gym.  A partner workout means that there is usually a lot of reps of a lot of different exercises, and in one way or another they are split up  between partners.  Our WOD today was:

1000m row
100 air squats
100 push press (45lbs)
75 box jumps (20’)
50 pull ups
30 ring dips
1000m row
Whatever partner is not working holds a 24k kettlebell – putting it down means a 10 burpee penalty at the end of the workout for both partners.

We both ended up doing 500m of rowing each time, and split the rest fairly evenly.  I did the box jumps on a tire (the box scares me – I don’t need messed up shins!) and did pull ups with a band (ring dips we both used a band).  It was pretty brutal – holding the kettlebell in between your active times really hurts your arms. 

Before the WOD we did a few back squats.  I haven’t done any really heavy squatting since before I hurt my knee, so today I wanted to test it to see how it would go.  We got up to 135lbs before we decided to start our WOD.  Not bad, only 15lbs off my current max which is 150lbs and it felt easy. 

This weekend has been great – back to running and back to heavy lifting.  I hope both continue to go well.  It’s nice to be back!

What are your plans to be active this long weekend?