you know that feeling -
when you are snuggled into bed, the covers pulled up under your chin
when sleep starts to tug at your eyelids and you initially fight, but always give in
when, in that plane somewhere between awake and dreaming, your imagination begins to wander

what starts as something innocuous suddenly becomes something much more sinister
that initial thought turns into a full blown night terror
you hear the phone ring (in this half dreaming world)
you hear the silence, the sobs, the anger, the disbelief
you feel your heart stop, the world drop out from under you
tears come to your eyes, your heart starts beating again, but faster, faster, faster

until you are jerked awake, heart still racing, thoughts still racing
fear still fresh in your veins
only a dream, you whisper. only a dream
yet the fear is still fresh, and still very real
and so you lie awake, not daring to close your eyes
for fear the phone will ring, and bring with it
the silence, the sobs, the anger, the disbelief

you know that feeling?
i do