Boys of Summer & A Love Grown Granola Review

First things first – my poor car is dead. Well, he’s not really dead, just in “limp” mode as Shawn says.  The car can only go max 20 km an hour and sputters like a lawn mower, and while he’s not a big car he shouldn’t sound like a lawn mower.  So off he’s been towed, to hopefully get fixed and not rip a huge hole in our wallets.

Anyway – one thing you probably don’t know about me (unless I actually know you, or you follow me on Twitter – and if you don’t, you should, c’mon now) is that I’m a huge baseball fan.  I’m a Blue Jays fan through and through, although with the trade of Johnny Mac and Aaron Hill to the Arizona Diamondbacks last year I kinda have a loyalty to them as well.

The house I grew up in had a pool, and some of my favourite summer memories are of lounging in the pool while listening to Tom and Jerry commentate the ball game. My boys had the best record in spring training this year, and while that means nothing when it comes to the actual season it still brings all of us Jays fans some hope.  They are playing more aggressive baseball this year and I hope that continues throughout the season.

My parents both have birthdays in April, and so to celebrate we are heading to the ball game tomorrow night.  First one of the season!

Next: these lovely things arrived in the mail yesterday:

I’d contacted Love Grown Foods on Twitter, asking where I could find their product locally. They were kind enough to send me three coupons just for asking – one free bag and two $1 coupons.  How nice is that?

At my local Loblaws all I could find was the Simply Oats variety of granola, so I used my free coupon yesterday to scoop some up.  I paired it this morning with some greek yogurt for breakfast.

While the serving size is small (1/4 cup), I really liked this granola.  It had just the right amount of crunch and a nice cinnamon flavour, and was good on it’s own and mixed in with the yogurt. The ingredients are decent, and I like that it’s certified wheat free. Definitely a keeper.  Now, if someone from Love Grown happens to read this, I’d really like to try the Dried Apple or Chocolate varieties of granola, too (pretty please!).

As for workouts, yesterday I ran on the treadmill and took the day off from CrossFit. Today I have no idea what I’m doing, as my plans got screwed up with the car going into the shop.  Hoping to go to CrossFit and if not, then yoga.  I’m planning on going with the flow today (is that possible? To plan to go with the flow?).

Have a great Thursday folks!

Max says hi