The Labradorks

In 2008, this gorgeous face was born.

Scout is a purebred chocolate lab that we got from an amazing breeder in Ontario (if anyone is interested in a lab breeder, let me know and I’ll pass on the info!).

Maybe I’m biased, but she’s definitely one of the prettiest labs I’ve ever seen!

In 2009 we fostered (and failed at fostering) with Rocky.  He is either a puppy mill or a backyard bred purebred yellow lab.  He was hit by a car at 2 months old, and had 2 surgeries on his elbow before we got him at 5 months.  He hasn’t walked on it since we’ve had him, despite going to physiotherapy for a few months.  It doesn’t hurt and he doesn’t know he’s different!

Living with two labs has its challenges, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

3 thoughts on “The Labradorks

  1. Your dogs are adorbs central. I rescued my pup 3 years ago (they estimated at the time she was 2 years old) She was apparently shot in the face by her former owner, and has the end of one ear missing and a scar under her chin to prove it. Now she’s Canadian and loves the snow WAY more than I do. And people always ask me if she’s a puppy. Energy level= HIGH.

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